Ahmed Abdullah switched his card machine provider to Handepay to receive better service.

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Ahmed was frustrated with other card machine suppliers, and found that Handepay provided the levels of support he wanted.

“When I first started the business 11 years ago, I knew that it would be essential that we accepted card payments. We’re in a remote location, and the nearest cash machine is over four miles away.

My bank recommended their card terminal services, and as I didn’t know any differently I signed up. It seemed like the simplest option, but after a while I realised I was paying too much.

An advisor from a leading card machine provider visited me, and the rates he offered seemed significantly lower than what I was paying. I didn’t look into it that closely, I took the cost at the face value of the percentages for each transaction.

After a few years, I noticed that I was receiving higher charges than expected, and decided to carry out a card machine provider comparison. I was close to the end of my contract, so I wanted to send in my notice early to make sure that I would be able to leave when I found a better deal.

However, that was easier said than done. The cancellation process was very confusing, and I struggled to find the answers I needed. I eventually sent in my notice, but when the time came to switch I was told that I hadn’t done it correctly and had missed the deadline.

This meant that my contract rolled over into another long term. I enquired about the costs for leaving, but they were extremely high. As I was tied in, I decided to stick it out for the remainder of the contract, to avoid expensive exit fees.

Last year, my invoice one month was extortionate. The rates had changed and my usual expensive bill had doubled in cost! I tried to get in touch to query this, but was passed from pillar to post across multiple departments.

Eventually, someone promised to correct the error, and as a goodwill gesture they offered to reduce my rates at the same time. I didn’t hear back from them for days, until I received an email with my new rates. At first I was pleased, but then I noticed some small print at the bottom of the message.

In the tiny writing, it stated that the reduced rates would be implemented and I would enter into a new three-year contract if I didn’t reply within a week. I thought that these were terrible business ethics, what if I’d been on holiday or not picked up my emails?

I was so frustrated that I decided that no matter the cost or hassle, I needed to find a more approachable and honest card machine provider.

I carried out another comparison of card terminal providers, but this time I was far more clued up about the different fees and contracts involved. I spoke to a few different terminal providers, to see who could offer the best service coupled with the most cost-effective rates.

Some companies wouldn’t provide quotes without seeing what else I’d been offered, which I didn’t think should matter. On the other hand, Handepay provided the best rates they could offer, a great saving compared to my previous provider.

Plus, there were none of the additional costs involved that I’d previously been charged! I would no longer have to pay £40 per year for a PCI DSS compliance test, and I would no longer have to pay £3 per month to receive my statements.

I mentioned my concerns about contracts and exit fees to my advisor, who was very helpful. She managed to get me the deal that I wanted, and I felt reassured that it was the best option for my business.

Setting up the terminal was simple, I just plugged it in and it worked straight away. I’ve been thrilled with Handepay’s service, it’s easy to get in touch with the support team if needed – something that was frustrating with my other providers.

Overall, I’m happy that I’m now working with a more honest company with better support. Although it was great to save money, I’m more thrilled that I’m finally receiving great service!”