Shelley Pugh worked as a part-time assistant at a Roly’s Fudge Pantry, and loved the job so much that she opened her own shop in Salcombe. Shelley’s husband, Matt, decided to open his own store in Polperro, Cornwall and the couple have since franchised a further two stores in Plymouth and Dartmouth. The shops hand-make fudge from natural ingredients, with flavours such as sea salt, strawberry and champagne, and vanilla clotted cream.

Shelley and Matt have chosen to use Handepay in all four shops because of our simple and transparent pricing plan.

“We knew from the amount of customers that wanted to pay by card that it was vital to take card payments for small business growth. It was important to us to find a card processing provider with straightforward low fees and great customer support, so we were pleased to find that Handepay’s credit card processing fees were simple to understand.

Since getting our card machine, we have seen an increase in the amount that customers spend per transaction, and now approximately 25% of our sales are on card. The straightforward billing and online portal makes it easier for us to understand what we are actually paying for.

Before we had a card terminal, our staff had to direct customers to the nearest cashpoint in town, risking losing the sale. We are pleased that our customers can now pay quickly and easily on the spot. Handepay have made taking card payments for small businesses easy!”