Lymestone Brewery saved 50% on their card terminal fees by switching to Handepay.

Owned and run by husband and wife duo, Ian and Viv Bradford, Lymestone Brewery is home to a range of award-winning beers, ales and lagers. Now in their tenth year of brewing, they also run tours of the brewery, alongside hosting weddings and functions.

Ian and Viv have recently been joined by their daughter Sarah, one of the youngest award-winning female brewers in the country; whilst their son, Harry, manages the companies pubs.

As the brewery saved so much money on their card terminal costs by taking the Handepay Price Challenge, they decided to switch their pub to Handepay too:

“I was in a local shop, and noticed that they had a brand-new card terminal. When I commented on it, the owner told me how she’d received fantastic service from Handepay. I remembered that I’d spoken to them the year before, but at the time I was stuck in a contract.

My existing contract had just finished, so I got back in touch to see what Handepay could do for my business. They took a look at my card terminal statements, and presented us with a detailed pricing sheet showing exactly how much we would save.

Finding out that we could save 50% on our card terminal fees was a surprise, it’s a total saving of over £1,000 per year! Once I’d seen the savings, I knew that switching was a definite must for our business. The application process was simple, and we were approved for our new card terminal in a few days.

I thought that leaving my previous provider would be simple, as I had come to the end of my contract. Initially, they confirmed that I could cancel my agreement, but shortly after I started receiving calls from them, telling me that I owed them over £400!

When I queried this charge, they told me that they needed the money to refurbish the card terminal. I wanted to get away from them, and felt as though I had no other option but to pay the fee.

I knew I would be able to recover the costs thanks to the great savings I would make by switching to Handepay, but my advisor had some great news for me. Handepay agreed to cover the switching fees for me, paying the full amount into my bank within two weeks!

The savings at the brewery were so good, I decided that our pub, The Borehole, needed to take the Handepay Price Challenge too. The pub made great savings of 29%, and we received a much better card terminal.

Customers at the pub have commented on how much quicker their card payments are going through, especially contactless transactions. We’ve just opened a beer garden there, so our new card terminal will help us greatly in the summer!

Our Handepay advisor was so helpful and knowledgeable. There was no hard sell and he was never pushy in his approach. It was great to be able to deal with the same person the whole way through the process.

As our previous provider was such a large company, every time I phone up I’d be put through to someone new and had to repeat myself. I love the fact that I’ve now got a dedicated point of contact, he knows all about my business and if I ever have a question about my card terminal he can always find an answer.

Every business owner is always looking to save a bit of money where they can, but finding the time to do it is difficult. With Handepay’s Price Challenge, you’re guaranteed to either save money on your card terminal costs or receive £1,000; so it’s definitely worth taking a look at!”