Martin found the cheapest card machine price for his business by switching to Handepay.

Missing Records opened their doors in 1984, they sell a range of music products such as vinyl’s, CD’s and DVD’s. They have been at their current location for around 12 years.

Martin decided to switch to Handepay because they offer a much better rate on their card machine.      

 “I was looking to change my card machine provider because I didn’t think we were getting a good deal on my current provider, we’d been with them for quite some time. I researched other providers to compare our prices and it was at that time I realised I was paying too much. 

I initially decided to do an online search on a comparison site, I was then contacted by a few companies. They were all cheaper than my previous provider but Handepay stood out because overall, they seemed like the best deal and they offered the cheapest card machine. I’ve saved an impressive 62% by switching my provider to Handepay, that works out over £1,000 a year.

My advisor was very credible and great throughout the whole process. There’s no hidden costs and they seem upfront.

My previous card machine didn’t offer a contactless payment facility and we were constantly being asked about it. My new Handepay card machine has made a big difference because we can now offer contactless payments to our customers.  

I would say around 15% of my takings come from card payments, this isn’t high but it’s still important to have the option as card payments are constantly growing at the minute.

The machine was delivered and I set it up myself, we had the welcome call then I was all set up. Everything is fine so far, Handepay seem quite credible, they weren’t pushy and seemed a very honest company. On top of all this they’ve offered me the cheapest card machine.”