Established in 2005, Chester Beer and Wine is an independent specialist wine merchant based in Hoole. Since switching to Handepay in December 2014, they are already making savings and experiencing the benefits of the latest portable credit card machine.

Company director, Sam Jackson, is familiar with the importance of having a reliable card machine, since at least 60% of her customers choose to pay by card, "We've always accepted card payments and would lose out on a huge amount of sales if we didn't."

When Sam met her Handepay advisor at a networking event, she explained that her existing card machine was slow and untidy, holding them back when hosting wine tasting events at the shop.

Sam comments "Having the portable card machine eases the bottleneck at the till towards the end of wine tasting evenings when purchases are being made. It's much tidier too - no more wires constantly getting tangled up! By upgrading to a card machine that uses internet connection rather than the phone line, transactions are far quicker and my customers aren't left hanging around".

Sam explains not only has the new card machine improved the shopping experience for her customers, switching to Handepay also saved her business at least £480 a year!

"I'd saved a fortune on unnecessary things - like an extra phone line and trade association memberships - before I'd even taken a transaction! Overall, switching to Handepay has been very smooth, simple and straightforward, and I would heartily recommend them to fellow business owners".