Based on the outskirts of Glasgow’s west end, Oscar & Holly’s Coffee House is a family-friendly café serving a wide range of food, freshly ground coffee and cakes. For the past six years, it’s been run by Andrew Mowat.

Andrew decided to switch to Handepay and noticed a huge difference thanks to contactless payments: “I had a feeling that I was overpaying on my card terminal costs but I didn’t look into it because I didn’t have the time. When a Handepay advisor stopped by, I was happy to find out how much I could save without any effort or hassle.

All I had to do was send in a recent bill, and he quickly let me know that I could almost halve our costs by switching. Any savings you can make as a business owner are important, so it’s great that we can save almost £500 per year.

Contactless payments are taking over in our café! We don’t have a minimum payment threshold, so our customers can pay for even the smallest purchase using their card or smart device. It’s very fast and reduces the time people spend queueing, which makes our customers happy.

Card payments make up around half of our sales, so it’s vital that we have a working contactless payment machine. We once lost connection on our previous provider’s terminal and lost a lot of sales, so we’re pleased to have found a reliable card machine provider in Handepay!”