John-Paul Stephenson saved 44% on his pet shop’s credit card reader fees by switching to Handepay.

John-Paul had always wanted to work for himself, so decided to open his own pet store after finishing university. In the fifteen years since its launch, JP’s Pet Supplies has gone from strength to strength, moving into larger premises and varying the range of products in stock.

John-Paul and his family pride themselves on providing excellent nutrition for animals. Sourcing the best pet food from around the world, the store offers something different to the usual brands. At the end of 2017, JP’s Pet Supplies was named ‘Best Pet Shop’ by Dog Friendly, a national society.

John-Paul saved almost £700 per year by switching to a Handepay credit card reader, and was thrilled to receive a cheque to cover his switching fees too.

“As a business owner, you are often targeted by salespeople who offer to save you money on business expenses, such as electricity and broadband. More often than not, the savings aren’t as great as advertised.

I had heard about Handepay before, but it wasn’t until an advisor called into my shop that I decided to take the Price Challenge. Initially, I was slightly reluctant, but when he explained more about the guaranteed savings I could make on my credit card reader I was intrigued.

He analysed some of my statements, and discovered that my business could make substantial savings by switching to Handepay. When I discovered that I could save almost £60 per month on my credit card reader fees, the decision to switch was a no-brainer!

Overall, I saved 44%, a total saving of almost £700 per year. It’s a significant amount of money for my business, and I will be using this money to help my company grow.

Handepay’s Easy Switch service made changing credit card reader even easier, by giving me £348 to cover the cost of the exit fees from my previous supplier. It was easy to apply, all I had to do was send in an invoice and the money was in my account ten days later!

I don’t think that I would have been able to switch to benefit from the savings without this contribution. Paying an unexpected lump sum of money is never ideal for any business. Even though I’m making great savings on my credit card reader fees with Handepay, it would have taken me a few months to earn that money back.

Installing my new credit card reader was simple, and as it’s a more modern machine it runs a lot quicker than my old model. Every sale now processes instantly, whereas in the past it took a few seconds to connect and authorise each payment.

As we take over half of our payments on the credit card reader this is important, our customers can now be served quickly and efficiently, with no waiting around.

My Handepay advisor has been open and transparent about the pricing and switching process at every point of the process. He’s been in touch since I’ve had the terminal installed, and I know if I ever have any questions I can give him a call!”