Ben Harrison reduced his company’s credit card transaction fees by almost £100 per month by switching their terminal provider to Handepay.

Ben opened Beyond The Pale with business partner Darren Goodwin in late 2016, bringing a different bar experience to Leek, Staffordshire. With a unique concept, they offer a wide selection of drinks including beers, ales and signature cocktails.

The pub has proven popular with local residents, attracting customers of all ages and backgrounds. Ben and Darren are keen to expand on this popularity, and are looking to open another bar in nearby Stone.

Ben was surprised to discover how much he could save on credit card transaction fees by switching his card terminal provider.

“When we first opened the bar, we knew that accepting card payments would be important for the business. We signed up for a cash drawer and receipt printer that was operated by an iPad app, and discovered that we could integrate card payments through the app. While this was simple to use, the credit card transaction fees were very high.

We both run other businesses, and wanted to make the bar more self-sufficient. We recently hired extra bar staff to minimise our work loads, but by paying the extra wages we saw a dip in our profits. We started looking at how we could make savings in other areas of the business, and switched our business bank and electricity provider.

When a Handepay advisor called into the office, we were happy to discover that we could make further savings on credit card transaction fees by switching our card terminal provider. With our previous set up, we were paying around £130 per month in card transaction fees.

We were thrilled when our advisor estimated that our credit card transaction fees would only be around £50 per month with Handepay! The application process was simple, and he was so helpful at getting us set up.

A bonus to having a Handepay card machine is that we can now offer a cashback service. We couldn’t do this with the previous app set-up, and we’re finding that it’s helping the business. It’s reduced our cash handling time, and we’re saving money on banking fees by depositing less cash.

Offering a cashback service has also helped with sales. We’re finding that when someone does get cashback from us, they’re more than likely to spend some of that money at the bar!”