Since switching to Handepay in May 2014, Dax Sportscars International has seen an increase in turnover AND savings.

Essex based Dax Sportscars International is a family owned business with over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of component cars.

Not only has switching saved the company money but the implementation of the mobile debit card reader has allowed them to grow their business and increase profits.

Having the mobile debit card reader to take payments at a recent exhibition saw their income increase four-fold on previous events. This allowed them to stand out from their competition and provided customers with a professional and improved experience.

Simon Johns, director of DAX Sportcars comments: “The mobility of the Handepay mobile debit card reader has not only increased profit at exhibitions, but has also saved us money in the long run from our base. We no longer require a phone line as the card machine runs on GPRS signal so it eliminates those costs.

Although we do accept other forms of payment, we find between 30% and 50% of our payments on site are made by card, so having a reliable mobile debit card reader is key.

Previously we didn’t have the option of taking payments at exhibitions, but since having the mobile debit card reader we’ve seen a massive increase in spending at exhibitions due to the convenience for customers who can pay on the spot. I only wish we’d got it sooner!"