Emma, owner of The Tacons, found her debit card machine cost was much cheaper with Handepay.

The Tacons have been farmers for about 100 years, growing and selling seasonal fruit and vegetables. The farm supplies to local outlets and they also have their own farm shop that allows customers to choose and pick their own food.

Emma reduced her debit card machine cost by 79% by joining Handepay.

“We wanted to swap our current card machine because we realised we were paying too much with our previous provider. I went onto a comparison site and as a result of this, my Handepay advisor followed up with a call.

I spoke to a couple of businesses but Handepay offered the cheapest debit card machine cost. It’s important for me to have a card terminal, I’d say a third of our transactions come from card payments. The overall service from my advisor has been excellent and the set-up process has been straight forward.

Another thing on top of the price, I’ve noticed that Handepay’s signal is much better than my previous provider. We used to have to wait and twiddle our thumbs whilst waiting for a transaction to go through.

Another great thing is that I haven’t needed to phone the helpline, it’s all gone smoothly, the machine arrived when it should do and the connection is really good, even though we’re in a rural area.

I’ve genuinely been impressed and the cost have come down. December was busy so we certainly will have benefitted from reducing our debit card machine cost. I’ve looked back at our previous accounts to see what we did last December and I’m happy with our books.

Over all it’s been a 10/10 service, everything has been fine.”