The Dental Team have been providing high quality care in Manchester for 20 years. The experienced team carry out general dentistry services and cosmetic treatments at affordable prices. By using state of the art technology they are able to offer expert dental care in a modern environment.

After receiving an unexpectedly high bill, they decided to see if there were any more cost-effective card payment solutions.

“We had been with our previous provider for a year, when a change to their terms meant that our bills nearly doubled overnight. We weren’t impressed with the fact that we’d been given virtually no warning, so decided to shop around for alternative card payment solutions.

As an independent business in today’s economy, every saving helps, so discovering that we would reduce our bills by almost £140 per month was amazing. Our new bill is even less than we paid before the unexpected price increase!

Handepay gave us £180 to cover the switching fees from our previous provider. Combined with the fast switchover process, switching to use Handepay’s card payment solutions has been a breeze.”