The East Lancashire Deaf Society was founded in 1877. They provide advocacy support to promote the rights of deaf people, and strive to allow people who are deaf the right to full participation and opportunities in education, employment, access and involvement.

They have set up various social enterprises to generate income, including a nursery, restaurant, business enterprise centre, a sign language interpreting service, domiciliary care and providing assistive equipment for those who are hard of hearing.

The savings made by switching to Handepay has allowed them to take card payments in more than one location.

Executive Office Manager, Sufia Adalat, says: “The main reason for switching from our previous provider were the complicated fees and poor service. We look for service providers who are sympathetic to charities and their budgets, and are not just interested in lining their pockets. Handepay’s prices are simple and affordable, and they have guided us through the process with ease.

Approximately 70% of our total sales comes from card payments, so it is vital that our customers are able to pay by card. Due to the low-cost card terminal provided, we were also able to get two and place one in our business enterprise centre, and one in our restaurant. Now we have a dedicated card payment point with easy access for the tenants and parents at the nursery.”