Laundry Boutique in Chester has been open for six years, and is part of chain of independent shops around the country. They source a wide range of ladies clothing from all over the world, selling it at affordable prices.

Director Dawn Robinson was looking to reduce bills in her store, when an opportune introduction put her in touch with a Handepay advisor.

“I always pay close attention to business costs, and thought that I was getting the best deal on my merchant account, so I was pleased to see that I could save money by switching. I knew that some of the other Laundry Boutique stores were paying more for their merchant account, and could save a fortune with Handepay.

I’d never used another referral scheme, but recommending other business owners was a quick and simple process. All I had to do was send in their details using the simple form on Handepay’s website, and for each one signed up I received a cheque for £50.00!

Since I joined Handepay, I’ve referred six other companies who have all benefitted from the fantastic savings offered. One of the businesses I recommended saved over 40% a month on their merchant account!

Being able to take card payments is essential for my boutique, as only around 10% of our customers choose to pay with cash now. I think that accepting card payments makes your business look more professional, along with increasing the likelihood of making higher value sales.

As a business owner, you’ve got to keep on top of costs to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Handepay managed to save me money, so I’m happy to refer them to others. I’m certain that a lot of other businesses could save money too!”