G&M Pet Supplies, based in Burntwood, has been established for over 50 years. The company began as a basic pet shop but over the years it has expanded dramatically to include more a more diverse range of animals.  

Company owner, Adrian Willett, says his company couldn’t survive without a business card machine because around 80% of transactions come from card payments. 

“My Handepay advisor approached me to inform me about the Price Challenge. After looking at my statement they said they could save me over £600 a year and would even cover my costs to switch from my current provider! This was an eye opener for me and I didn’t realise the changeover would be so easy. I can’t fault the service I have received from Handepay it has been great, I even had my terminal installed for me.

 My machine is a lot quicker than my previous provider and I like the fact that I have a separate pin pad. We couldn’t survive without our business card machine because around 80% of our transactions come from card payments. I have noticed a big difference to the amount of people using cards since contactless payment was introduced, many people like to just tap.

I have had great service from Handepay and I would be happy to recommend them to other business owners so they can save money too.”