Walk Mill is a water mill based in Waverton, Chester, dating back to 1200 and recorded in the Doomsday Book. The original mill was demolished in the 1960’s but then rebuilt in August 2008.  

All the wheat used to make the flour is grown on the mill’s farm land. As well as selling the flour to wholesale it’s also sold to delis, bakeries and local farm shops. At the mill, there is also a café where the bread, cakes and pastries are baked using their own flour.

As a loyal customer for over 10 years, Caroline, owner of Walk Mill, tells us about her experience with Handepay.  

“When the business opened up we started as a cash only business simply because I was very naïve. I had telephoned our bank thinking that we’d have to take card payments through them but when they told us their card machine price I was horrified. We then said we wouldn’t accept card payments and we would continue to be a cash only business.

Then as time goes on and you get busier you realise you have to take card because less and less people carry cash. I originally heard about Handepay from our advisor, as she was also one of our customers. She noticed we weren’t accepting card payments, approached us and we’ve been with Handepay ever since.

My advisor has still been a customer over the years so if I have any queries I can bring them up with her. She’s always been very helpful and I’ve never felt the need to go elsewhere.

It’s important for us to take card payments, particularly at the weekend as we get a lot of cyclists and walkers, and they all like to pay with apple pay with their phones as they don’t want to take any money out with them. I’d say around 70% of our payments come from cards. 

I check every month to see if the money has gone in as it should have done, we have never had any problems. Everything has always been there, it’s reliable and I know the money will go into the bank so that’s the good thing.

Not only do I have an incredible card machine price but I also receive a top class service. Although Handepay is a growing company there’s always someone I can speak to because of the relationship I have with my advisor. I think that counts for a lot, having a name and a number to call if you need to get hold of anyone, it’s more personal.”