In 2007, Kathryn Matthews set up her small home-baking business in Burntwood, Staffordshire. "Kathryn's Homemade Cakes", which is a registered food business with Lichfield District Council and Local Trading Standards, has since developed due to increasing demand for Kathryn’s remarkable celebration cakes.

Following a recommendation from an existing Handepay customer and fellow cake business owner through the Handepay Refer a Friend Scheme, Kathryn’s Homemade Cakes started benefiting from card payments in January. Now equipped with state-of-the-art payments technology, Kathryn can accept card payments from her customers in any location using her MobilePAY Shuttle device.

Due to the nature of her cake-making business it is a necessity for Kathryn to take deposits from her customers, which she can now accept over the phone thanks to the inclusive virtual terminal.

“The best thing about MobilePAY is that I can accept and confirm bookings with an immediate deposit payment from my customers, which makes the order more secure.

Around 25% of my customers want to pay by card and they love the convenience of being able to pay over the phone, instead of having to make a trip with a deposit. The virtual terminal is so easy to use on my tablet, which saves me time on making continuous trips to the bank and also reduces the amount of cash I have to keep on the premises."

As well as her impressive cakes, having the facility to accept card payments anywhere has given Kathryn’s business another competitive edge.

“There are quite a number of home cake making businesses in the local area, and the fact that I accept card payments now makes me stand out from the competition, whilst also making me look more professional and legitimate.

It’s great to be able to check the online system to track the card payments and it’s so effortless and simple to use.

My advisor was very pleasant and extremely helpful, he explained everything clearly and has since made contact to see how I’m getting on using the MobilePAY Shuttle to accept card payments."