Chris Vidler and Anna Murray met whilst travelling in Australia, and upon their return struggled to find a good cup of coffee. They teamed up to open The Lane in 2014, expanding their business plan to provide top-quality food, cocktails and coffee to customers in Deal, Kent.

Chris decided to take the Handepay Price Challenge after finding out about our low prices following a conversation with a Handepay Business Development Manager.

“We had a card machine in the cafe, but we didn’t understand what we were actually paying for. There were lots of additional fees that had never been explained to us, such as a minimum monthly service charge, authorisation fees and PCI DSS compliance charges. We had no clue where to look to find a better deal.

Our local Business Development Manager made an appointment with us to look over a recent bill. When he explained the Handepay Price Challenge to us, we quickly emailed our statements to be analysed, and were thrilled to discover that our total monthly saving totalled £104.22!

Saving over £1,200 per year on card processing fees has allowed us to invest more money growing our business. In my opinion, taking the Handepay Price Challenge is a definite must for all business owners!”