Blush Tanning and Beauty Salon has been providing high-quality beauty services to the residents of Newport for the past seven years. Owned by Amy Walters, the salon’s experienced therapists provide a wide range of treatments, including manicures, waxing and spray tanning.

It is essential for Amy’s salon to take credit card payments, as there are no cashpoints in the village.

“Around three-quarters of our customers choose to pay by card, as it’s impossible to withdraw cash nearby. I wasn’t impressed with my previous provider, so I decided to have a look on the internet to see if I could take credit card payments with a different company.

I was shocked to find out that I could save almost £50 per month by switching to Handepay, a massive 60% saving on my previous bill! The statements I used to receive were so complicated, and I didn’t realise that I was paying extra for things like PCI DSS compliance. My advisor explained all of these additional fees in detail and I couldn’t believe how much money I’d been wasting!

I was worried about paying the exit fees that my previous provider was charging, so I was thrilled to hear about Handepay’s Easy Switch service. I was given a £240 contribution, meaning that I could benefit from Handepay’s cost-effective card terminal prices straight away.

The money we’re saving each month by switching to take credit card payments with Handepay has allowed me to grow the company by investing in a new eyebrow treatment. Business is usually quiet after Christmas, however thanks to our new service we’re fully booked this January!”