Gavin Hemmings switched to Handepay to save money and improve reliability when accepting mobile payments.

Mac Tools is highly regarded in the automotive tool sector and operates around the globe. Gavin started his business one year ago, running the Bristol-based franchise. He supplies local garages with high quality tools, providing them with the best equipment for repairing cars.

Gavin joined Handepay after a referral from a fellow franchisee, giving him the opportunity to accept mobile payments across a wider area.

“Another Mac Tools franchisee took the Handepay Price Challenge a few months ago, and was really pleased with the savings and service that he received. I was unhappy with my terminal provider, so he recommended that I take the challenge too.

The terminal that I had was unreliable, and I struggled to get a signal to take mobile payments regularly. As I don’t have an office and am always on the road, not being able to take mobile payments on the spot affected my sales process. I found it difficult to get in touch to discuss the issues I had, every time I phoned up I would spend over half an hour on hold.

I looked at other providers, but I trusted my colleague’s judgement and decided to take the Handepay Price Challenge. I was over the moon when I discovered that I could save 51% on my mobile payments fees, which works out to just under £100 per month!

My new terminal is much more reliable, improving my customer relationships as there are no more problems when taking mobile payments. Being able to pay quickly and simply makes my customers more confident in the security of the transaction.

I was so pleased with the service and savings that I received from Handepay I recommended that a new franchisee speak to them for his first card terminal. It saved him a lot of time hunting round for a good provider and making the same mistakes that I did when accepting mobile payments. It will help him settle into his new business on the right foot, knowing that he’s getting the best rates and service possible.

I’m so glad that I made the switch to Handepay early in the life of my business. As the company is still growing that could potentially mean bigger savings in the coming years. As Handepay’s fees are so transparent, I know that I’m maximising the profit from each sale.”