Meadow Lea Farm Coffee Shop is situated on a family run dairy farm based in Chester, attracting lots of walkers and cyclists. Four years ago Amy and her mother Barbara decided it would be the perfect place to open a coffee shop.

Amy decided to switch her payment card machine to Handepay when she realised how much she could save on card transactions.  

“The main feature that attracted me to a payment card machine from Handepay was the overall savings I could make. We have now saved 28% per year due to Handepay’s prices being a lot less that our previous provider, a lot of our customers prefer to pay by card so this is really important to us.

I like that fact that my payment card machine has an integrated pin pad, my customers find this easier to use than my previous machine which had a separate pin pad. We find our transactions are a lot quicker and a lot more people are using contactless payment. I would say around 50% of my customers use card payments, a lot of the cyclists who visit our shop find it convenient to just carry their card so it’s essential to have a payment card machine.

Since I moved to Handepay everything has been working smoothly and I am very happy with the overall service!”