Hampshire country pub, The Yew Tree, has been trading for 12 years providing good honest food, great local beers and good fun for everyone who visits. Owner, Tim Gray, tells us how he uses Handepay’s Referral Scheme to help other business owners make savings on their payment processing fees.

Tim says, “My business development manager came just at the right time, he said that he could save me money on my payment processing fees. Within my business we are always looking for better profit margins and savings where possible. I’ve always viewed credit card machines as an unseen cost so it’s great to know that Handepay are keeping that under control. I’d say 75% of my transactions come from card payments so it’s essential for me to have a card payment processing solution to run my business.

The Handepay Referral Scheme is a great idea. If I can earn money and also help my friends to save money on their payment processing fees then it’s a win, win situation. I have chosen to donate half of the money I have earned from using the scheme so far to Cancer Research. We are all here to look after each other!

I will definitely use Handepay’s Referral Scheme again and again, it’s good to know that if I come across anyone having trouble with their card machine or paying too much for their payment processing fees, I can simply recommend them to Handepay and help them out.”