Peaches Boutique have been selling children’s and ladies clothing at their store in Grimsby since 2015. Owned by Sophie Bradley and Linda Bulmer, the boutique aims to please customers of any age and size with their selection of the latest styles. The company has expanded to stock homeware and handmade gifts, including luxury bath products and hair accessories.

Sophie got in touch with Handepay after experiencing technical difficulties with her previous wireless card machine.

“We had nothing but problems with our old wireless card machine, and weren’t impressed with the customer service we had received from our previous provider. 80% of our transactions are made using cards, so being unable to accept them was damaging our sales and embarrassing our staff. I decided to look for other companies online, even if it meant paying a higher rate.

I thought that I would have to spend a lot more money to get a better wireless card machine and a higher level of service, so I was massively surprised to find out that I would actually save nearly £25.00 per month by switching to Handepay!

The entire switching process was a breeze, with minimal paperwork, and the fact that Handepay sent our new terminal with an engineer was fantastic. As a busy shop owner, I don’t have the time to try and install a new piece of equipment, but he put my mind at ease, fitting the machine and training us so we understood how to use it.

Our payment process is now a lot quicker, thankfully we no longer have to ask our customers to go and withdraw cash to make a purchase! The new wireless card machine is a huge improvement, it’s much easier to use and has the latest features. A lot of our customers now choose to pay using contactless cards, and some have even made transactions using Apple Pay on their smartphones!”