Belinda Wood runs a successful yarn, fabric and haberdashery shop in Corby, Northamptonshire. She opened Bella Knit seven years ago, stocking a range of essential supplies for keen crafters.

Belinda was shocked to discover that she could save over 50% on her card terminal fees by switching to Handepay.

“Within a few months of opening my shop, I knew that accepting card payments would be important. I didn’t want to turn away potential customers and asking them to come back with cash would risk losing a sale.

Since getting a terminal, I’ve seen the number of card payments increase, especially since contactless has become more popular.

I never really shop around for the best deal, so I was quite surprised when a Handepay advisor told me I could save a substantial amount of money on card terminal fees. I’m not great with paperwork, so I had no idea if I was on a good deal.

I’d never heard of Handepay before, but I was impressed by how honest and genuine he seemed. I sent him a copy of a 
recent statement, and Handepay produced a really clear and easy to understand pricing analysis.

When he told me I could save over 50% on my card terminal fees, I was really surprised. That worked out to a saving of over £600, just by switching card terminal provider!

He took a deeper look into what I was paying for and surprised me by saying that I could save an extra £40 a month too!

Running your own company is busy and stressful, and I hadn’t got around to filling in some lengthy forms that my provider had sent out. As a result, they added on an extra PCI non-compliance charge each month.Belinda saved over 50%!

I was pleased to hear that with Handepay, not only would I no longer pay these fees, but there would be no forms to fill in either! They promised to take care of everything, which was a relief.

Although everything seemed great, I was concerned that switching to Handepay was going to be a huge hassle, not to mention expensive.

But, they made it simple. They gave me £350 to cover my exit fees, and my advisor kept in touch to make sure everything went smoothly. He did all the legwork for me, which allowed me to concentrate on running my business, rather than poring over figures.

I’m normally quite wary of changing business processes, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my experience with Handepay. Not only did my advisor seem genuinely interested in helping my business to grow, but I’ve saved a large amount of money with no reduction in service!

I would definitely recommend Handepay to other business owners, they’ve made a daunting task simple.”