Raffi Der Haroutunian, opened Blackmore Gallery in Lymm, Cheshire two years ago. Raffi is an experienced fine art ceramic dealer who has worked in the industry for seven years and thought it was the perfect place to open his gallery.

Whilst searching for a payment card machine online, Raffi was impressed by the savings that Handepay could make for small businesses and contacted us straight away.  

 “I was looking for a payment card machine for my business and came across Handepay online and I was impressed to see the savings they have made for small businesses. It’s important for the gallery to have a payment card machine because of the industry I’m in, customers like to come in and see the artwork in person before they purchase. I would say around 80% of my payments are made by card so it’s essential to help the business grow.

We are also considering a few other areas to drive growth in 2018. We are firstly looking to make a short film about one of our artists, we are also looking to start a book on another artist and lastly, we are going to attend an art fair. A lot of the focus for next year is to reach out to customers so it’s important to hit the different mediums.

Since I joined Handepay the whole process has been smooth and has helped me to grow my business. I have received fantastic customer service and am so pleased I have joined a reliable card payment provider in Handepay!”