Parkitt Racing formed five years ago, when car and motorbike specialists Neil Parkhouse and Tony Norman joined forces to provide expert trackside assistance. The business has developed over the years, and they now run a busy workshop and online store.

Office ManagerCrispin On, saved money on their payment gateway and credit card terminal by taking the Handepay Price Challenge:

“We were in the process of restructuring the business, trying to cut costs wherever possible. Our Handepay advisor saved us money on our card terminal costs, so we were pleased to discover that we could also submit our payment gateway statements to take part in the Price Challenge.

Other companies had tried to beat our payment gateway costs before and only made minimal savings. I was shocked when our advisor told us that we could save £98 per month by switching to Handepay!

Switching to use Handepay’s payment gateway was simple. We were able to complete the integration process ourselves in a matter of minutes!

Handepay’s support is fantastic. There’s just one number to call if we ever need help with a transaction, whether it’s online or in-store. Having both our terminal and payment gateway supplied by Handepay makes our life easier!”