Richard Maxwell wasn’t particularly looking for a new merchant account when Handepay approached him, but after discovering the savings he could make, he switched straight away.

Race Scene, an independent cycle shop based in Barnsley, have been trading for 20 years and specialise in Italian road cycles and accessories with a fully equipped workshop on the premises.

They are a small close-knit team with over 70 combined years of riding experience between them. The team are very passionate about cycling and ride almost every day, not only to work but with friends and customers at the weekend.

“My sales advisor made me aware of the savings I could make by switching my merchant account to Handepay and I was impressed to find I could make a 38 per cent saving!

On top of this I was also offered £1,000 to pay for my switching fees, I was surprised that this service was available. If this hadn’t have been offered I don’t think I would have taken the time to switch or go out of my way to look for a new merchant account provider.

The merchant account that I already had in place was easy to use, so unless there were significant savings, there was no reason for me to switch providers. Handepay offered to pay for my switching fees on top of the savings, so I couldn’t refuse! The switch over has been simple and I received my fees quickly.

The machine is straight forward, the set-up process was easy, my advisor even came along to help and talk us through it. I would say approximately 90 per cent of our transactions come from card payments so it’s essential to have a trusted merchant account supplier.

I would say that the overall service has been great and I don’t think there’s anything I could fault. Since we’ve been up and running there hasn’t been any reason for me to contact anyone, which is a good sign! 

I haven’t noticed the savings yet but the extra money will help towards pushing our marketing to help launch a few new products this year.“