The Village Shop is a licensed convenience store based in the village of Tilney St Lawrence in Norfolk. After noticing an increase in customers asking if the shop could process credit card payments, Philip went online to do his own research on credit card machines where he discovered Handepay. He was so impressed by the high level of service and affordable prices that he signed up for the latest countertop credit card machine in January and is already seeing the benefits!

The ability to process credit card payments is helping the business to grow, as Philip has now started to see new customers as a result of offering the option to pay by card.

“There is now a greater likelihood of impulse purchases and our regular customers are also purchasing extra items. Some of our higher priced items are selling more compared to the same period last year. The best thing about being able to process credit card payments is that I no longer have to turn customers away, and to top it off it’s, quick, easy to use and fits neatly on my countertop."

My customers are thrilled now that the shop can process credit card payments, as they feel it gives them another option to pay without the worry of whether they have sufficient cash in their pockets. I can also now offer this simple payment method to my regular customers who previously made payments by cheque.

I would highly recommend Handepay to anyone looking to take card payments, as both an affordable and outstanding service are critical to small business owners. The whole process of joining Handepay and getting set up to accept card payments was effortless from start to finish."