Vaughan's Family Butchers, located in the Welsh town of Penyffordd, just west of Chester has been a Handepay customer since 2010.

Vaughan's is a friendly, quality local butchers at the heart of the community with accolades including Welsh Butcher of the Year and British Sausage Maker of the Year.

Around a decade ago, the Vaughan family noticed an increase in local consumers asking whether they could pay by card. In order to keep up with other local businesses and meet demands. Vaughan's made the decision to introduce a small business merchant account to their business.

Today, half of the butcher's takings comes from card payments, using mobile credit card machines provided by Handepay Merchant Services. Manager, Stephen Vaughan, puts this impressive income statistic down to consumer behaviour.

“Over the years we have noticed that people change the way they shop if card payment is an option" explains Stephen.

"Often people are working to a budget where cash is concerned, but if customers are paying by card they are less restricted and tend to add more impulsive items to their order.”

Vaughan's came to Handepay Merchant Services when they were looking to upgrade their credit card machine to the latest mobile model.

“We called Handepay for some advice - they were more than happy to talk through the features of the mobile credit card machine without pressuring us. When we decided on which card machine we wanted, a member of the team came out to get us up and running and answered all our questions.”

Stephen adds “Dealing with Handepay is a pleasure; it's great to hear a fellow northerner on the other end of the phone.”