With many of today’s independent businesses operating from home, or away from a fixed location, it’s becoming increasingly important to offer consumers a great experience by keeping up with the latest payment technology. Handepay MobilePAY mobile merchant credit card processing can give businesses an advantage over their competitors by allowing them to accept card payments from their customers in any location.

How does it work?

Mobile merchant credit card processing uses an app which is downloaded onto a smart phone or tablet, in conjunction with a secure PIN entry device, linked using Bluetooth wireless technology (pictured above). This allows business owners to accept card payments from their customers via their smart phone or tablet, either face to face, over the phone or via the inclusive “virtual terminal”.

Once the app has been installed, taking payments on the go with MobilePAY really is this simple –

  1. You enter the amount you wish to charge your customer into the app.
  2. Your customer inserts their card into your MobilePAY Shuttle device and authenticates the transaction using their PIN, just like they would with any other card machine.
  3. The smart phone or tablet then connects to the payment gateway via the internet to get bank authorisation for the transaction.

Watch this handy video to see a payment in action.

MobilePAY also comes with the online “WebMIS” reporting tool which enables you to run reports, check transactions and send electronic receipts (saving on postage). The feature runs in real time so any transactions taken will be shown instantaneously.

Is it safe?

A 2015 Advanced Payment Report survey concluded that, whilst convenience is a key benefit for mobile payments solutions, it’s important to strike the right balance between customer experience and security.

Payments with MobilePAY are as secure as those via any other card machine. All transactions are encrypted and routed through a certified payment gateway which meets the current security standards for card processing. Therefore, both businesses and consumers can be confident in the knowledge that their financial information is being handled securely.

Who’s it for?

MobilePAY is targeted at independent retailers and tradespeople on the go, who want to increase sales by offering a card payment option that can be obtained via a short-term rental plan or purchased outright. It allows independent businesses to proactively reach out to their customers, rather than waiting for customers to come to them. The opportunity to mobilise staff can significantly improve customer experience and more importantly increase sales.

Kathryn Matthews

Kathryn Matthews of Kathryn’s Homemade Cakes in Burntwood, Staffordshire says MobilePAY has revolutionised her business –

“The best thing about MobilePAY is that I can accept and confirm bookings with an immediate deposit payment from my customers, which makes the order more secure. It’s also great to be able to check the online system to track the card payments and it’s so effortless and simple to use.”


Not only does mobile merchant credit card processing increase revenue through higher value and impulse purchases, it also means you’re offering your customers a choice. Is it time your business stopped saying no to card payments? Contact us to find out whether MobilePAY could be the right solution for your business.