New research has shown that total sales made worldwide on ecommerce platforms will reach $1.915 trillion this year.

The research, carried out by E Marketer, shows that total global sales will rise 6% from last year’s figures, increasing to $22.049 trillion over the year. Sales received through ecommerce platforms will make up 8.7% of total retail spend across the globe.

The findings show that the growth of overall retail sales is slowing, however the number of purchases made online is rapidly increasing. In 2016 alone, online sales are expected to increase by a huge 23.7%.

This rapid expansion in digital sales is set to continue, with forecasts that purchases made via ecommerce platforms will increase to $4.058 trillion in as little as four years. It is expected that consumers around the world will make use of online shopping opportunities more frequently, with predictions showing that online sales will make up 14.6% of all retail income in 2020.

Having an online presence, and allowing customers to make purchases over the internet is becoming increasingly important for independent businesses. Consumer expectations are growing, and advancements in technology mean that they now expect to be able to shop on demand, 24 hours a day. If independent businesses make use of a website, their customer base can widen and lead to a massive increase in sales.

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