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Author: Mali Davies - Posted: 1st Nov 2013 - Date Modified: 14th Oct 2019

Mali is the creative brain behind Handepay’s website and promotion designs. He’s got a wealth of experience from over 25 years working in the design industry.

As part of our ongoing commitment to making great value card payment solutions accessible to all businesses, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new pricing plan for card payments for small business, aimed at so called “micro” businesses.

“Traditionally, long contracts and high minimum fees have made accepting card payments prohibitively expensive for very small businesses, despite the fact that there is clear demand from consumers to pay those businesses using credit and debit cards” says Mark Latham, Product and Innovation Director.

Our micro-business pricing plan ensures that for card payments for small business can be accessed with minimum effort and without the usual long term commitments. With market leading processing charges and the ability for customers to move to “standard” rate tariffs if their turnover increases, small businesses can’t really go wrong!

Complete our request a quote form today and speak to a member of our team about card payments for small business.

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