New research shows that 91 per cent of British consumers make impulse purchases on e-commerce sites every month.

Overall, spontaneous buys boost the UK economy by £37 billion each year; equivalent to each consumer spending almost £50 per month.

Almost half of those surveyed were tempted into a spontaneous purchase by the good discounts offered on e-commerce sites. Overheads are reduced when selling online, allowing companies to offer the best prices possible.

The e-commerce websites for fashion brands fare the best when it comes to enticing consumers into impulse buys. Clothes, shoes and jewellery were all named in the top five most common spontaneous online purchases.

Younger generations are more susceptible to making online impulse buys. 55 per cent of under 24’s blamed their purchases on browsing various e-commerce sites late at night. This age category is also the most likely to quickly order something while commuting or at work.

A factor that can make or break an online impulse buy is the delivery timescale. A third of those surveyed were only happy to wait up to three days for their purchases to arrive.

Some companies are reluctant to expand their business online due to the expectation of high costs and technical ability. However, running an e-commerce website might be easier and more affordable than you think.

Selling online allows you to broaden your market and sell to a wider audience. You don’t need a large budget or a high level of technical skill to set up an e-commerce store. There are many providers of low-cost (in some cases free!) e-commerce site builders, with affordable hosting.

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