New figures released by UK Finance reveals that UK households and companies lost £1bn to financial fraud in 2017.

The figures have revealed that new technologies have given fraudsters an area to target while banks focus on combatting more traditional methods. In 2017 the total losses have fallen from every form of unauthorised fraud except mobile and online banking.

Online bank account fraud jumped 19 per cent to £121.4m and fraud payments made through mobile remained a smaller problem but still increased 10 per cent to £6.3m.

This being said, it shows that overall banks and companies managed to prevent two-thirds of unauthorised fraud attempts, with total losses falling 5 per cent compared with 2016, to £731.8m.

Katy Worobec, UK Finance managing director for economic crime, said: “Fraud is an issue that affects the whole of society, and one which everyone must come together to tackle.

“The finance industry is committed to playing its part — investing in advanced security systems to protect customers, introducing new standards on how banks respond to scam victims, and working with the Joint Fraud Taskforce to deter and disrupt criminals and better trace, freeze and return stolen funds.”

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