This week is National Butchers’ Week, seven days dedicated to celebrating independent butchers across the UK. This year, the campaign is focused on driving product innovations, giving business owners an opportunity to show off their unique ideas.

We’ve made it easy for you to use National Butchers’ Week to increase brand awareness. Follow our simple three-step plan and easily promote your business and products online!

Create an offer

A great way of enticing customers to your shop is to create an offer that is too good to miss. This week, a butchers in Peterborough is offering a free pork pie to customers, partnering with a local newspaper to promote the deal. The offer is only open to customers who purchase 1lb of sausages, likely to drive up the sales of the product for one week only.

If you think that your business couldn’t take the financial hit of giving lots of stock away for free, why not consider implementing a more long-term offer, such as a loyalty scheme? Start offering a free item after a certain number of purchases, or a discount for purchases over a certain value.

Spread the word

Creating a fantastic offer is a great starting point, however it’s not going to increase footfall if people don’t know about it! It’s important to get the word out to your target market, and you’ll soon see customers flocking in.

The people behind the National Butchers’ Week have created a handy template press release, that you can fill in and send to your local newspapers and magazines. Make sure that you also publish this on your website, and send it to local communities and businesses that may also be interested in sharing your news.

Get involved online

All week there are going to be opportunities to interact with other butchers and potential customers across the country thanks to National Butchers’ Week. Make sure you’re following them on Twitter and Facebook, and join in the conversation all week long using the hashtag #ButchersGiveYouIdeas.

There are other opportunities to grow your brand awareness on social media, as the team behind National Butchers’ Week are hosting an innovation competition on their Facebook page. If you have created an awe-inspiring original delicacy, make sure to send a picture in. If you win, you could be featured in Meat Trades Journal, some bonus free publicity!

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National Butchers’ Week takes place from March 13-19, and is organised by trade magazine Meat Trades Journal.