Here at Handepay, we pride ourselves on being an honest and transparent merchant services provider, and are dedicated to helping every small business owner understand more about the card payment process.

We have a fantastic team of advisors, who can help you to understand more about the card payments market in person, over the phone or via email.

However, we understand that sometimes you want to read the information in more detail.

Our website allows us to communicate directly with small business owners across the UK, making sure that everyone is informed about what they’re paying for. It’s important that our website functions well, with easy to understand information presented in a logical way.

Although our previous website was useful, we wanted to expand the content to include even more information about card payments to help business owners make an informed decision on whether to switch their provider or start taking card payments for the first time.

This was a great opportunity for a design revamp, too!

Our brand-new site launched earlier this week, with all new features and information on some of the common hidden fees that others in the merchant services industry add to invoices.

We now cover some new topics in greater detail, with information on PCI Compliance and our fantastic Pay by Link feature.

Plus, find out more about Handepay, the people who work here and our story by taking a look at our brand-new About Us page.

With a clean and simple design, you’re able to navigate the website with ease, finding out more about our service from our own customers.

Take a look around and find out more about how taking card payments can help your business grow!