Competition in the hairdressing industry is high, with over 35,000 hair salons recorded in the UK in 2012. Beauty treatments are something that could be carried out regularly, meaning you need to offer customers an incentive to return to your salon rather than the competition.

Therefore it is important to consider whether it is necessary for you to improve customer satisfaction in your hair salon business, by creating a more personal experience. Impress your clients and increase your returning trade, without eating into your profits, by following our small business advice:

  1. Make customers feel at home

You will most likely already collect information from your customers such as name, address and age, but by adding in extra information fields you can make your customers feel at home. After an appointment, making a note of how the customer had their hair cut, what colours were used and even how they took their tea! This will allow you to make your customers feel at home when discussing their requirements, making their experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

  1. Keep appointments regular

Lots of people are guilty of forgetting when they last had their hair cut, so offering a reminder service will ensure that your customers visit your salon regularly. You will have already collected information of when a customer last visited for a treatment, why not use this information to remind your customers that an appointment is due? By sending an email or a text a week before they should visit, you make sure that your salon is at the forefront of their mind when booking in for a haircut.

  1. Become a source of advice

Customers want to know that they are visiting a salon with knowledgeable staff, who are up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations in the industry. What better way to promote your team’s skill-set by creating a blog, with different staff members writing pieces on trends that interest them, offering tips and advice to your customers. This is also a great place to feature customer images, and seeing that you have picked a customer to be featured will boost both their confidence and their likelihood to return to you for further services.

  1. Upgrade service descriptions

Make sure that the services you sell sound as appealing as possible on your price list. Why not think about adding extras, at no cost to you, which will make you stand out from competitors. For example, adding a five-minute head massage into the description of your hair cut makes the service seem more luxurious and relaxing. Customers will be more likely to be satisfied with your services if they believe that they are receiving an added bonus, on top of their hair cut!

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