For small businesses, the important decision on whether to take card payments from your customers can be tough. If you are struggling to make the decision, we have outlined the benefits that taking card payments can offer your business.

Increase your profits  

Offering card payments can help to increase your profits as well as making it more convenient for your customers, as they will have the option of different payment methods. This will open up a new section of the market for people who prefer to pay by card and also gives people the option to pay over the phone or online.

Speed of service  

You can improve your customer service by speeding up transactions with contactless card payments. This will be beneficial at peak times as you will be able to cut the queues down and serve more people, selling more of your goods.


Accepting the latest payment methods will set your business apart from your competitors who may be falling behind. Make it clearly visible that you take card payments so that your customers can shop with confidence that they can pay the way they want to. If many of your competitors already take payments, this can also open up a new level of competition.


If you are a cash only shop it means that you will have large amounts of cash stored at the premises. If you take card payments it can help to increase your security because you won’t be keeping as much cash in your business or need to deposit large amounts of money.  

Small cost

Card processing fees are affordable for a wide range of businesses, big or small. Handepay offer a wide range of card machines including countertop card machinesmobile card machines and portable card machines, which are carefully selected to suit your business needs. Handepay’s card machines are all fully equipped with the latest technology to accept payments from contactless cards, smart devices and mobile wallets.

If you would like to discuss how taking card payments can boost your business, get in contact with one of our advisors on 0800 377 7382 or visit our website for more information.