Since its creation in 2006, Handepay have supplied over 28,000 independent businesses with the facility to accept card payments from their customers, either face to face, over the phone, or online.

Handepay has worked with leading card terminal manufacturers to ensure the equipment they provide is up-to-date with the latest technology and software, so that businesses can accept card payments from their customers as quickly and easily as possible. This has meant keeping up-to-date with card terminal advances, and making sure we stock the best possible range of terminals for our customers to choose from.

In 2007, Handepay partnered with a new manufacturer to expand their product range to offer a more diverse range of card machines. Through this partnership, Handepay offered business owners the ability to accept card payments from both mag-stripe as well as Chip and PIN cardholders. These “all-in-one” machines had built-in PIN pads and printers, and they were smaller and lighter than previous models.

Just a year later, Handepay added even more card machine options to their product range, including two countertop terminals, and Handepay’s first mobile-capable terminal. The new mobile card machine allowed business owners to accept card payments on the go, which proved extremely useful for companies who don’t operate from a fixed location.

Throughout the following years, Handepay continued to provide a comprehensive terminal product offering, frequently adding new and updated models to the portfolio.

Changes in payment technology over the years meant that the demand for more modern card terminals increased, and in spring 2013 Handepay released their first contactless-enabled card machine. This countertop contactless machine allowed consumers to pay quickly and easily by simply tapping their contactless-enabled card, and was closely followed by contactless portable and mobile terminals later that year.

Handepay’s most popular card terminals have always been chosen for their ease of use and low cost. Since October 2015, Handepay have revolutionised the card payments market, offering merchant services without fees such as minimum monthly service charges, PCI DSS penalties and premiums for different card types. This has allowed Handepay to provide affordable card payment facilities for business owners across the UK.

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