Joining Handepay to receive savings on card processing bills could be the perfect option for your business, however it may seem impossible if you are already in a contract with another provider.

With high exit fees and charges for cancellations applicable under many contracts, it may appear that switching to Handepay could cost more in the long run.

However, with our Handepay Easy Switch service, changing your credit card services to us is simple, with minimal costs. In most cases, we can cover settlement fees from your old supplier. If you haven’t been with your current provider for long, you can still receive a payment.

If you currently receive your card terminal equipment from the same company your merchant account is supplied through, and are new to Handepay, you are eligible to use the Handepay Easy Switch service. Even if you don’t match this criteria, Handepay may make a contribution to any fees covered by switching.

Handepay offer many benefits to businesses, with no joining or authorisation fees, no minimum monthly services charges and no premiums for different card types. To find out how much you could save, get a quote today!

To find out more about the Handepay Easy Switch, take a look here.