Oldbury Café have been offering delicious breakfast and lunch to their customers for four years. Based on a busy high street, they get high volumes of footfall so it’s important to accept card payments from their customers.

Owner, Monika Gorczyczeweska and her husband have been using Handepay for six months. They are so happy with Handepay’s service, they take advantage of the existing customer referral scheme to earn rewards for helping other businesses save money.

“I was initially approached by my Handepay advisor, they came into the business and offered us a better deal compared to our previous provider.

Up to now everything has been great, our advisor is based in the area so it’s good to know if we did need any help I can just contact him and he’ll help us out.

We got ripped off a couple of years ago, what they told us and what they were doing afterwards were two different things. So, we told our advisor exactly what we wanted from Handepay and we are now receiving the level of service we expect. I have quite a lot of contacts in the area and a lot of friends in businesses who already accept cards. I was saving a lot of money so I started to tell them about Handepay, I’m happy to help somebody else but on top of this I get £50 so it’s a no brainer.

Everyone carries cards now so if you want to increase your business it’s the way forward to accept cards, especially with contactless.

I’ve seen the benefits from switching to Handepay and everyone I’ve recommended to them is happy with the service. They are all saving money and at the end of the day that’s what they want to do. Some of the bigger businesses especially have saved more!

This is the only referral scheme I use, I normally don’t bother with them because they seem too good to be true but every promise my Handepay advisor has made has been kept, unlike with other providers in the past. We get sales people in all the time saying, “we can do this and do that”, but my Handepay experience has been different.

The money we have made from the referral scheme is going towards a well-deserved four week break to Singapore and Thailand.  

I’m happy with the referral scheme and I will continue to recommend Handepay to businesses in the area who accept cards. I’m very happy with the overall service from Handepay.”