GFS Blinds have been providing consumers with high quality blinds since 2013. The company began as a short term venture, however this quickly turned into a full time, thriving business. As an independent business, they are constantly able to review products and pricing to allow their customers the best value for money.

Owner Greg Sunderland was introduced to a Handepay Business Development Manager at a networking meeting in Chester.

Greg says: “It was clear from the start that a portable card payment machine was necessary, as most of our sales are made in customer’s homes or workplaces. Initially I used a portable card payment machine linked to my smartphone, but due to network connectivity it was often un-useable.

I was looking for a reliable and cost effective card machine, which offered the functionality to take card payments over the phone. Our Handepay Business Development Manager calculated that by switching my card machine provider I could save around £150 per month – a massive £1,800 per year!

Our new portable card payment machine also looks very professional, giving customers the confidence that they are dealing with an established company. Our previous card machine couldn’t take card payments over the phone, so we had to go out to customers to collect deposits and balances. This increased our workload, and some orders were lost as I was unable to take payment on the spot.

My customers are very happy to pay by card. It allows them to order quickly, and avoid a trip to the bank. Around 80% of my sales are taken through my portable card payment machine, either on site or over the phone. Cheques are a costly pain, and now I am able to avoid them!”