Established in 1985, Hazel Grove Snooker Club is one of the biggest of its kind in the UK. Home to over 30 snooker and pool tables, the club provides the perfect environment to develop your skills and compete in tournaments.

The club provides the residents of Stockport with fantastic entertainment, with a fully licensed bar and kitchens providing delicious hot food.

Owner, Dino Georgiou, thinks that Handepay’s customer support is better than other card machine providers:

“The terminals supplied by our previous card machine provider were very slow, often taking up to a minute to process each payment! They also kept breaking and I struggled to get hold of their customer support team. As we have a licensed bar, we need 24 hour support from our card machine provider in case there is a problem during the night.

I had a suspicion that my old card machine provider’s rates were expensive, but as a busy company owner it’s difficult to find the time to compare costs. It was great to discover that I could save 46% on my card machine costs by switching to Handepay!

They even agreed to cover my switching costs, giving me £180 to pay my exit fees from my old card machine provider. Knowing that I could cancel my expensive contract without the burden of cancellation costs made my decision to switch simple!

The Spire terminals Handepay provide are miles better than the ones from my previous card machine provider. They were really simple to install, I was able to do it myself in a few minutes. Taking payments is now so much easier and each transaction processes in a matter of seconds.

The support offered by Handepay sets them apart from other card machine providers. When I tried to call my previous provider, I always found myself waiting on hold for ages before I could speak to someone. With Handepay, if I ever have a question it’s reassuring to know that I can call and talk to someone helpful straight away.”