International award-winning organised play gaming store, Fan Boy 3, saved £477 per month by taking the Handepay Price Challenge.

Owner, Dave Salisbury, was a pioneer in the organised play store sector, opening his business fifteen years ago in Manchester. Over time, he has grown the company, and has received acclaim for his customer-focused business ethics.

The café offers a wide range of activities, including board games, miniatures games, card games and roleplaying. Customers can choose to sit in and take advantage of Dave’s impressive library of games, or purchase a game to take home and play.

Dave was fed up with unreliable service, so was thrilled to find personalised customer support from a Handepay advisor.

“I was unhappy with the service of my previous provider, I found them difficult to deal with and they just didn’t care about my business. I run a company that cares passionately about what we do and what our customers want, so I want to deal with service providers with a similar mindset.

I received an email from my provider letting me know about an increase in rates, just before I was due to move premises. I believed that it was a standard annual increase, and as the email said that my bill would be no more than £50 per month I didn’t think I needed to do anything until after we’d moved.

When I checked my bank account the next month, I was horrified to discover that I’d been charged hundreds of pounds extra!

They had also added charges for PCI non-compliance, as all of the correspondence about renewing our compliance questionnaire had been sent to our old address. I tried to get this changed numerous times, but they just didn’t seem to understand and kept sending letters there.

I decided that enough was enough, and I needed to find a more reputable company with better service. I searched online, and Handepay’s Price Challenge looked intriguing, so I got in touch. I also sent enquiries to a few different providers, to see who could offer the best deal.

A lot of our customers like to use their contactless card to pay for items from the café, board game rentals or entry into tournaments. However, customers also use their card to buy high-value games, which can cost hundreds of pounds.

Most providers I spoke to added extra charges, such as an authorisation fee, onto every transaction. These extra fees would minimise the profits I make on low value sales. The providers who didn’t add these charges tended to have much higher transaction fees, meaning that I’d lose a larger percentage of our high-value sales.

It proved to be difficult to find a provider who could cover both bases, allowing us to maximise the profit from every single sale, no matter the value. I discussed my concerns with my Handepay advisor, and was thrilled to receive a personalised quote as part of the Handepay Price Challenge.

Taking part in the Price Challenge was simple. All I had to do was send over the statements from my previous provider, and my advisor provided a detailed quote of Handepay’s proposed fees, and how much I would save.

Handepay don’t add authorisation fees onto every purchase and they also offered great debit and credit card transaction fees. This means that I receive as much profit as possible from both high and low-value sales.

I was shocked to discover that I could save 65%, almost £500 per month on my card terminal fees! I can’t believe how much money my previous provider was charging for the same service, it was ridiculous.

The support I received from Handepay was also a vast improvement over my previous provider. My advisor was very thorough and dedicated, he walked me through the quote to show me how Handepay could save me money. I felt as though he really cared about my business, and wanted to help me save as much money as possible.

For a business owner who is very service-orientated, I couldn’t fault the support he gave me. I think that consumers want to buy from people, rather than a faceless brand, so it was refreshing to find this in the merchant services sector!”