Third generation family business, JB Richardson’s, is a traditional bakery in Chorlton, Manchester. With more and more customers expecting to pay by card, they became a Handepay customer and also took part in the UK’s first ever cashless street experiment in June.

Since joining Handepay in June 2014, JB Richardson’s Bakery has seen a 10% increase in customers.

Handepay provided the latest portable card terminal, allowing the business to keep up with consumers who want to pay for their goods by card.

Co-owner Peter Kellett explains why it is important to give his customers this choice.

“We believe in a traditional outlook when it comes to baking, but it’s very important that we keep an eye on the future when it comes to running our business. We were turning customers away on a daily basis because they didn’t have cash and who knows how many people were choosing to shop elsewhere because we didn’t have a credit card machine.

Since introducing the portable card terminal, one in every ten transactions we take is on card. The customer finds it easy to pay and we benefit from increased spending.

The portable card machine works best for us. It’s such a stress free process which means customers have a quicker and easier experience and are more likely to come back."