Kernahan Service is a Ford-Authorised Repairer, carrying out essential service along with MOT and warranty. Opening over 40 years ago in Witney, Oxfordshire, the business is well established in the local area.

Almost ten years ago, Charles Eveson took over the service, parts and MOT workshop. A motor expert with extensive knowledge of cars and rallying, Charles chose to keep the established company name and build upon its existing success.

Charles joined Handepay in February 2021 to benefit from our next banking day settlement* service, alongside affordable rates and great customer support.


Next banking day settlement boosts my garage’s cashflow!

“When I first took over the business, I signed up to take card payments through my bank. I was happy with the service provided, however the card payment service was taken over by a different provider.

I decided to shop around in 2019 for a better deal, and received quotes from a few providers, including Handepay. Handepay’s pricing proposition and customer support was great, however I chose to go ahead with a different provider as they offered next banking day settlement.

Next banking day settlement is very important in the day-to-day operations of my company.

We manage our cashflow very carefully. Buying parts can be costly, on top of having to give credit to the majority of leasing companies, so we must make sure that money from our sales goes into our bank account as fast as possible. Next banking day settlement allows us to manage this process effectively and minimise charges from our bank account.


Next banking day settlement boosts my garage’s cashflow!I grew to regret my decision to switch, as we had lots of issues with the new provider and I wasn’t happy with the support available. As soon as I was able, I started to shop around to find a company with better customer service.

My Handepay advisor got in touch in February 2021 to let me know that Handepay now offered next banking day settlement.

It was a great coincidence, I was keen to change providers and was pleased to see that I could save over £150 per month by joining Handepay and still benefit from faster payments.

Dealing with Handepay was so simple, the communication and customer support was fantastic compared to previous providers. I spoke with both my advisor and her manager, who came along to our final meeting. I thought this was a great touch, they were both really personable and it showed that our business would be a valued customer.


Getting set up was simple, all of the card machines arrived safely and correctly, plus our advisor was on hand to help us get started.

Finding the perfect card payment solution provider has been a long process. The majority of our sales are paid using cards, so it’s essential that we work with a supplier who meets all of our needs.

I’m glad that we’re now working with Handepay, hopefully for a very long time!”