Stephen Davies finds that his portable card reader sets his business apart from other pubs in the area.

Stephen took over established pub The Bedford in May 2017, bringing life back into a dated building. Following a modern refurbishment, the pub now hosts lively entertainment evenings and charity fundraisers, alongside being the perfect place to have a quiet game of pool.

Stephen decided to switch to Handepay to receive a more personalised service, along with great savings on his portable card reader.

“When I first took over the pub I wasn’t sure whether I needed to invest in a portable card reader to accept payments. However, the other pubs in the area only accept cash, so I thought that taking cards might set us apart from the competition.

I signed up for my first portable card reader a year ago, and being able to take cards has really enhanced the business. However, I wasn’t happy with my previous portable card machine provider. My charges seemed to be increasing each month, and I wasn’t happy with the customer support.

I didn’t have a dedicated account manager, so every time I rang up I had to explain my situation over and over again. It was very frustrating, and I spent so much time on the phone. To me, it felt as though they thought my business was just small fry, and I was never a priority for them.

That all changed when I spoke to my Handepay advisor. From the first conversation, he made me feel like he really valued my business, and making sure that I got the best deal on my portable card reader was his priority.

I was happy when he told me that I would save money, but what really made Handepay stand out was their level of support. I never need to repeat conversations, I can easily speak to my advisor who knows me and my business.

My new portable card reader was simple to install, and is much easier to use than our previous model. We use the cashback function a lot, and Handepay’s portable terminal makes the process much more streamlined.

Being able to offer a simple cashback service makes my pub stand out against local competition. Consumers carry a lot less cash than they used to, so being able to accept cards and contactless payments makes us the perfect choice for a spontaneous visit.

There aren’t any free cash machines in our area and the closest three pubs don’t have a card reader, so people often find it easier and cheaper to buy a drink and get cashback from my pub. This is great for my business, I get a lot of new faces visiting the pub who often turn into repeat customers!

I’m thrilled that I received better service and savings by switching to Handepay. I think that it’s important for small businesses to move with the times and invest in a portable card terminal like me. It’s the way that our customers want to pay, so we need to offer it to meet their expectations.”