Ponte Pets, an independent pet shop in Pontefract, was opened in 2013 by Mark Kelly and Emma Stocks. They sell a wide range of small mammals, birds, fish and reptiles, alongside pet food and the latest pet accessories.

Emma was concerned about her merchant card services fees, and felt that she was paying over the odds each month.

“The bills we were receiving from our previous provider were ridiculous, so I decided to shop around to see if we could save money. I spoke with a few different companies, but was pleased with how simple our Handepay advisor made the switching process. He was always so easy to talk to, and explained where savings could be made.

I was massively shocked to learn that I could save over £150 per month, a huge 55% saving on my merchant card services charges!

Our business would suffer massively if we didn’t have a card machine, as around 75% of our customers choose to pay on card. We find that we receive higher value transactions on card payments, if customers aren’t restricted to the cash they are carrying they choose to spend more.

Towards the end of last year, we wanted to take on a new member of staff, which is always a tough decision for a business. Thanks to the massive saving on our merchant card services, we were able to hire someone to cover weekend shifts, without losing out financially!”