The Handepay Price Challenge has been beaten for the first time. First launched back in 2015, the challenge is a guarantee of how confident we are in our prices.

If we can’t beat your current rates, you will receive a cheque for £1,000. By taking part, you will end up with money in your pocket, whatever the outcome!

The customer who managed to beat our challenge was Hoole Bridge Building Supplies, who wanted to reduce their card processing fees by taking part.


“It was so simple to enter; it only took a few minutes to find some recent bills and send them across. A few days later our advisor called to let me know that I’d beaten the Price Challenge, and would receive £1,000!

You always think there’s going to be a catch with these types of promotions, but Handepay put my cheque in the post the next day!”


Some of our customers have made huge savings by taking part in the Price Challenge. William Dyer Family Butchers entered, and were surprised to discover that they could save almost £3,500 each year by switching to Handepay.




“When my advisor told me that we could save £283 each month I was surprised. It’s not until you take a look at what another company is offering that you realise you’re being charged too much. I’m looking forward to seeing how saving almost £3,500 in 2017 will help our business!”



How do I enter?

Taking part in the Price Challenge is simple. Email a scanned image or photograph of a recent merchant statement to A member of our team will then get in touch to let you know how much you could save by switching.


Find out how much your business could save, take the Handepay Price Challenge today.

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