After serving the residents of Burton on Trent as a nightclub for 40 years, the Locomotive Bar was taken over and refurbished in November 2014. It now shows a variety of major sports events and opens in the evening serving cocktails and drinks.

Director Pam Kaur was surprised at how easy switching card terminal providers was, thanks to the Handepay Easy Switch service:

“We were paying a fortune in card terminal costs each month, so decided to shop around to see if we could find a better deal. We were thrilled when we found out that we could save £161 per month by switching to Handepay, however we were concerned about the high cost involved with cancelling our previous contract.

We were surprised when our Handepay business development manager told us that we were eligible for the Handepay Easy Switch service, and would receive £1,270.51 to cover our cancellation fees.

The Handepay Easy Switch service made changing our card terminal provider hassle-free. The money was in our account ten days after claiming our switching fees, allowing us to pay our cancellation costs quickly. We loved the fact that all of the documents could be signed and sent back via email, as we could complete documents in a timely manner.

Our previous card terminal provider didn’t seem to understand just how much a small business like ours relies on our card machine; we were passed from pillar to post trying to receive help! We have found Handepay completely different, their customer support is fantastic and we receive any assistance we need straight away, always dealing with the same advisor throughout the process!”