Is your pet shop struggling to find ways to improve brand awareness and increase sales? Take a look at our pet shop marketing ideas and discover how your business could reach new heights in 2017:

Partner up

Are there other animal-focused businesses in your area? Whether it’s a grooming salon or a vet’s surgery, joining forces could be beneficial to both of your companies. Advertising each other in-store will promote your brand to a new relevant audience, and you could even implement a referral scheme initiative to increase profits!

Share the wisdom

Do your customers often ask you similar questions when browsing your store? Maybe they’re interested in finding out the benefits of a certain type of fish food, or the best accessories to buy for dog training. Answering these questions on a blog is a great way to improve brand awareness online. Make a note of the most frequently asked questions, and create helpful and informative content for your website!

Interest customers

Potential pet-owners may be put off purchasing a small animal due to worries about their maintenance. Why not alleviate their fears and increase your chances of making a sale by hosting animal care classes in your shop? If you advertise it well, you could draw in a new audience with a definite interest in your product. Make sure to take their details, and follow up with discount offers to their email inbox.

Expand online

You may have a website to promote your business, but have you considered selling online? This is a fantastic idea if you manufacture your own pet items, and marketing your unique product to a global audience is easier than you think. There are many simple online shop builders available, and accepting payments online is easier and cheaper than you may think with Handepay!

Did you know?

Your pet shop could increase your sales just by switching card machine! If you can’t currently accept contactless payments, you’re missing out on the latest technological advances.

If you’re paying unnecessary fees each month, you could save up to 50% by joining Handepay. If you’re confused about your statement, let one of our friendly advisors analyse your bills and see how much you could save!

Take a look at Ponte Pets, a pet shop in Pontefract who saved over £150 per month by switching to Handepay!


Ponte Pets Image


“I was massively shocked to learn that I could save over £150 per month, a huge 55% saving on my merchant card services charges!”
– Emma Stocks, Ponte Pets